George lopez new dating show

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I wanna see your birth certificate, or I'm calling the cops.

Carmen: Thank you for send me to that school you guys are the best parents I have.

Look, I didn't have a dad, and I pray that my mom would come home at 6 so I can see her before bedtime. [starts turning on kitchen appliances] And the mixer, and the toaster, and the blender, and the food processor, and the microwave! I can afford it all, because I'm not a failure, I'm a big success!

One time, George and I broke into school with a whole bunch of spray paint, and we... He was just using you to hide something that he doesn't know how to deal with. George: Carmen, you're lucky you have parents who care. George: [yelling] You're gonna stand there and you're gonna listen to me! And I pay the bills around here, so if I want to leave the lights on, I can! I told her I never forgave her for cheating on my dad. George: I told her the same thing I wrote on her Mother's Day card: "You're old and the better not lose your job, because sabes que?

Meanwhile, George is excited to be invited to Snoop Dogg's home, only to find out that Snoop just wants him there to keep his Hispanic maid company, as she is a huge fan of George.

George professes that he'd like to find a woman who wouldn't date him solely for his fame and money.

Olly and Gabrielo go into damage control mode, and encourage George to stem the tide of negative social media comments by letting the grounds in front of his house die and go brown.

Thinking his neighbors will like him more if he has a get-together, Sheila convinces George to throw a big party in his house.

Carmen: Mom & Dad everyone in Allenalde dated Benny: Wow George: Mom Benny: If I wasn't 50 younger he would be your daddy George Jason: I'm here to see Carmen to apologized George: Jason are u crazy what if the 🏉 team find u, u have to eated (George gasp) the debate teams Jason: I'm captain of the debate team George: "O Que La" SPLIT Decision[3.06] Ricky: Okay. The series follows a semi-fictionalized version of George Lopez and his day-to-day life, as he balances being a famous comedian while dealing with interpersonal relationships and trying to stay true to the Latino community in which he grew up.He also struggles to adjust to being a celebrity in a world where social media is a prevailing phenomenon.The last straw is when the school baseball team wins a championship, and the manager asks George to buy expensive championship rings for the players and anyone else associated with the team.When Adam Sandler backs out of hosting a charity golf tournament for Type 2 Diabetes, Olly and Gabrielo encourage George to host it.

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