Get demon wind shuriken naruto dating sim

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I got out from under iruka and ran into the forest without liking back.

" Naruto ask as he turn his head to look at Inoichi."Because your parents, my wife and I had made agreement that their first son will marry my first daughter." Inoichi said with a smile a he look at Naruto before looking at Ino."I am your only daughter!So with his curious nature place his palm on top of the seal began to pump chakra into the seal, doing so caused a puff of smoke to appear and what looked like a man came into view.As the smoke cleared the said man stood 6"0 with a lean and athletic figure a round face with spiked navy hair and chocolate brown eyes he sported a black long sleeve muscle shirt, black anbu pants and black shinobi sandal he looked in his mid 20's." "Sure" naruto said grinning brightly "Ok before i pass on my flame to you promise me you will use your new power for good and protect those who you care and love for you will gain a few" Godou said "I, Naruto Uzumaki promise to use the power of the campione for good and to protect those I care for" "Ok naruto give me your hand" Godou said as he expanding his now glow hand towards naruto Naruto gave godou his hand as his hand came in contact with godou's he felt great surge his body as a image flashed his mind of a disk with ten smaller orbiting it. "The test you and mizuki-sensei gave remember" I said as iruka suddenly grabbed me and jumped out of the way of an incoming demon wind shuriken but the shuriken got caught in his back he grimanced as he flew to the side and put me down making me fall right next to him I looked at him as he grabbed the shuriken out of his back as a trail of blood flow out his mouth.As Godou finished transferring his power he became to fade spoke "I see you again soon" Godou said before disappearing I nodded Timeskip Still Naruto's POV "Oh I found you, Iruka-sensei"I said. "I-i-iruka" I muttered out as I was frozen and surprised I then looked up at Mizuki who a shit-eating grin.

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