Getting over rejection in dating

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Is this because all of those 10% are so good looking? But another reason is that such a small percentage of guys will actually approach women.To many guys think ‘that will never work so no reason to try.’ The truth is it won’t ‘never’ work. Some random stranger you don’t know and will likely never see again didn’t want to give you her number. You lost a minute of your time and gave yourself a chance to get it.The next time you see a very hot girl that you would never dream of approaching……… For some people dipping a toe in that cold pool and slowly easing in is the best way. Write her a cute note on a small piece of paper with your number on it.

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It will be a rare occurrence if they change their mind about your compatibility!

The more comfortable you are at approaching people in general the more comfortable you will be approaching girls to try and get their number.

You can try the last advice or you can just skip it all together and jump in head first.

Sure it may not work out often, and you are going to get rejected far more often then you succeed. Is it worth risking 1 minute to possibly have sex with this attractive female?

If you are reading this post then your answer is probably yes. If you have a 3% success rate that might sound low, but if you approach 3 women every day then each month you will probably have sex with 3 new women.

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