Gina gershon dating clinton

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These rumors floated freely in the press during the run-up to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid, and were uncommented upon.Respectable newspapers reported that Hillary had extracted a pledge from Bill that there would be no extracurricular hanky-panky during her campaign.Both Abedin and Band started out as White House interns.The Huma Abedin story was a “Swift Boat” incident ready to be exploited by the Republican allies in the right-wing 527 establishment, should Hilary clinch the nomination.The actress made her reputation playing a lesbian sexpot in the movie Bound.Hillary Clinton has had her own sex scandal brewing in the wings since November 2007, when The Times of London “outed” her alleged lesbian relationship with her so-called “body servant,” her personal aide, Huma Abedin.

Bubba also reportedly was bedding actress Demi Moore, who is married.The article, which was written by former New York Times correspondent Todd S.Purdum, speculates that Bill Clinton possibly experienced a personality change after having heart-bypass surgery and surgery to remove scar tissue from a lung in 2004.While Purdum does not say that Clinton and the actress were having an affair, the context of the article intimates that Bubba was on the make again, playing the Big Bad Wolf of the bedroom, thus endangering Hillary’s chances of a separate and successful career as a national politician.Gershon’s public relations representative, Mara Buxbaum, said that, “Todd Purdum’s insinuation is a lie and is irresponsible journalism.

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