Godaddy hosted exchange validating mx record my exhusband is dating help

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Spammers follow this approach as it makes more people view the email since the sender appears to be authentic.

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The default selector is automatically applied for all users and hence it will not be listed in the drop down.

If the recipient domain rejects the email, it will send bounce messages to the domain that was spoofed.

Consider a case where a spammer has spoofed your email address and sent spam emails to another domain.

In case you're on the receiving end of these spam emails, DKIM can help detect the authenticity of the emails, and those emails that are not genuine will not be delivered to your mailbox.

Email spoofing and backscattering, two methods that are commonly used by spammers, can be prevented to a certain extent by configuring SPF and DKIM for your domain.

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