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It starts with the unique telescoping Gradall boom that handles more jobs efficiently, thanks to its movements and superior strength.

"It's exclusive, built-in, 2-4 Synthesizer Encoder helps the QS regular matrix system convert all of your 2-channel / stereo records, tapes and FM stereo broadcasts into more exciting 4-channel sound than ever.

- Stereo / Mono selector (for entire pre-amp section, not just FM tuner) - 'Scratch-Filter / Hi filter for reducing tape hiss / electronic hiss & noise and record static - Built-in 'Low' Filter to eliminate excess rumble from sources such as turntables --20d B Audio Muting for instant lowering of volume without adjusting the volume control.

Great for ringing phones and cuing a record on your turntable Pioneer SX-939 Inputs: - Dual Phono / turntable inputs with Built-In Phono Pre-Amps - Dual tape monitors with Tape monitor 'B' also featuring a DIN input as well as the standard RCA I/O's (Tape Monitors can be used with Tape / Video / CD / DVD / VCR / DAT / MP3 / i Pod / i Phone / i Touch / i-gadget / MP3 / XM / SIRUS CDR (CD recorders as well as for inserting signal processors, such as EQ's, Reverbs, Spatial Enhancers / Dynamic Processors, Noise Reduction units, Special Effects units, Time Delays, etc) - Bi-Directional Tape 'Dubbing' capability - Aux input (may also be used for Video / CD / DVD /DAT / VCR / MP3 / i Pod / i Phone / i Touch / i-gadget / MP3 / XM / SIRUS etc.) - Dolby 'Adaptor' Loop can be used as an additional input or as a signal processor loop for EQ, Dynamic Range Expanders, Reverbs, Delays, DBX units, etc.

So, historically stereo manufacturers had to be concerned, primarily with paying themselves in the end, when they designed / built / produced something.

When mfgs start out to design an item for market, they are usually backing into it from a projected retail / end user price point (that was not necessarily as applicable back in the day, which is how we ended up with monster receivers such as the Marantz 2500 & 2600, Pioneer SX-1980, Sansui G-22,000 and G-33,000, Yamaha CR-3020 and a couple of others ).

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