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This ground water is vulnerable to contamination from the land surface, and many contaminants in the water would follow the same paths and have similar travel times from recharge areas to points of use as the chemical substances analyzed in this study.The effects of contamination may not be seen for several years after a contaminant is introduced into the groundwater system.2) in unconsolidated glacial and alluvial aquifers during 1999 to determine the regional quality of ground water beneath about 790 mi of developed land and to gain a better understanding of the natural and human factors that affect the water quality (Glass, 2001).Of the 35 wells sampled, 31 had water analyzed for atmospherically derived substances to determine the ground water’s travel time from its point of recharge to its point of use or discharge—also known as ground-water age.Groundwater ages of the medium-depth groundwater ranged from 3.5–25,790 a.Groundwater is relatively young in most of the piedmont area, although two high-age zones (with ages 20,000 a) exist in the center of the plain.This study delineated the age of medium-depth groundwater in the entire Taiyuan Basin for the first time.

This water starts as rain and melting snow that soak into the ground as recharge.

Many contaminants could make the water unsuitable for drinking for many years, even in concentrations too low to detect without expensive chemical tests.

The travel time of a chemically conservative substance depends primarily on the velocity of ground water through the aquifer, which in turn depends on the hydrologic characteristics of the aquifer system.

C) were used to determine the age, to delineate a flow regime, and to estimate flow velocity of medium-depth groundwater (50–200 m) from a Middle and Upper Pleistocene confined aquifer.

Young groundwater age was determined using C age of old groundwater.

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