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GS: We've got a video of a test that we ran in 2015.

So this simulated having a really bad day on the pad.

She was doing really critical work, and I loved her suit.

And as I said, we've been engineering in these safety systems for quite some time.Basically it's like two beer cans stacked together, one full of liquid oxygen, one full of RP, and that basically saved weight.It allowed us to basically take more payload for the same design.I asked my mom, who was an artist, when I was in third grade, how a car worked, so she had no idea so she gave me a book, and I read it, and sure enough, my first job out of my mechanical engineering degree was with Chrysler Motors in the automotive industry.But I actually got into engineering not because of that book but because my mom took me to a Society of Women Engineers event, and I fell in love with the mechanical engineer that spoke.

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