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Some of the most common smartphone security threats are inspired by computer hacking.

For example, clicking on spammy links in the emails received on your phone may lead to identity theft.

Do not use the same password on your phone and computer. Unfortunately, they also increase the risk of hacking.

The more apps you’re using, the higher the chances of a data breach.

To prevent it, keep your phone in “invisible” mode and turn off Bluetooth.

Never store your passwords or credit card data on the phone.

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Cloud storage makes it easier to upload and store images.Avoid those that request permission to access your email or Facebook account. Older applications are more vulnerable to security breaches.There are many other tricks hackers can use to access your data.Bluejacking, phishing, and malware apps are among the most common attacks.As long as you’re using the Internet on your phone, you’re at risk.

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