Harry potter fanfiction fred and hermione dating

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What she did not expect was that Cupid's arrow hit her and made the brunette realize that Valentine's Day is not such a bad date. What would you do, if you had the chance to see a future you'd never get to live? Events happen in the same timeline as OOTP, but we're pretty far off canon at this point. We're just borrowing her universe for a while and do not make any profit from it.

When Harry turns seventeen he receives more than just a magic boost and the right to do magic outside of Hogwarts what have his parents and Sirius been keeping from him all of these years is he really who he thought is, is really a he what has Cedric got to do with the whole situation that is on the verge of driving Harry up the wall?

But Draco Malfoy, above all, will do whatever it takes to get her.

She is nicknamed the ' Forbidden Fruit' because ...

She dressed like a Slytherin, acted like a Slytherin, but the real question was... But like her twin brother, she faces major conflict and adventure, yet journey toward romance.

She continues her education from fourth year and beyond, but un...

Jessica Malfoy was always different than her family. Being Draco’s twin sister made it hard to be herself. Pasithea was Salazar Slytherins' sister, she was born from a drop of blood.

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This was definitely not something that appealed to Hermione Granger, but to make her best friend happy, she surrenders to the charms of that date. If you would like to request a ship one shot then please private mail myself or comment under this to state who you want, and if there is any specific scenario you would like too. Hermione Granger has worked hard to become a Doctor and Healer, only to find out that there are no openings for her in her career field. However, life isn't simple and easy for the Brains of the Golden Trio as she navigates relationships, good looking quidditch players, flirtatious friends (sometimes with benefits), former lovers and possibilities she never considered. Maybe it's true what they say, all's fair in love and quidditich. Fifth in the Child Protection Movement series, this story will pick up where "Kinship & Peril" left off and tell the story of how events continue to change.This is the untold story of Azalea Mae Potter.*IT' S NOT HERMIONE And Harry* it's in fact Hermione's twin sister read to find out about extraordinary Holly Granger's life as she starts her journey with her twin to discover a new world filled with almost everything - including magic When the Potter twins’ parents were murdered, both were left with a scar.But his sister was also left with the Dark Mark, the mark of Voldemort, to be worn forever./amˈbɪʃ(ə)n/noun • desire and determination to achieve success Harry James Potter is not an ordinary boy. His life has never been the most ordinary of ordeals either, starting with an attack when he was just one.Since then there has been growing and learning and magic. Because Hogwarts is only a train ride away.---AUSlytherin!

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