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Picking someone up in a club is risky - stay well clear if you think they're only behaving that way because they've had too many vodka cranberries!

And even if I knew that, I wouldn't know how to approach her.Jesus was born of a virgin, which meant his Y-chromosome came from the Holy Spirit rather than man.According to Lutheran Pastor Clint Schnekloth, this means Jesus could have been intersex, a condition in which there is a discrepancy between the external genitals and the internal genitals."Well, we know a few more things about conception than they did back in the day.Some animals even have working male In a process known as sex reversal, bearded dragons have demonstrated an ability to somewhat change their sex from male to female while still in the egg.Researchers at the University of Canberra have found that these reptiles (which are still genetically male but take on the role and reproductive capabilities of the female) are indeed fertile — and even lay more eggs than their originally-female counterparts.

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