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I wouldn’t suggest asking her out to the gym right away, especially if there’s debate over her commitment to the gym.

Maybe start with social media interaction (text, DMs etc) as a way to warm up and develop a connection until both of you guys feel comfortable enough to start in person interactions Didn’t read the other replies so soz if repeating anything.

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Hi, I’m a HS senior TBH, she probably doesn’t know you’re into her and is equally afraid of approaching guys.

Depends how close or we’ll you guys know each other already but just starting a conversation and getting to know someone should be a good start. reflection on gym class, what she did/does outside of that gym class?

“Come gym with me tonight” maybe a bit forward but like “Hey…so and so, we were in gym class together. Etc.” Overall get to know her as a person, be genuine, look to connect.

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