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It's crazy that they not only did it, but did it so perfectly.

He's too smart and too used to insane events not to put two and two together." So ultimately, I come down on the side of "delete it." is a cool look back at how Downey was cast and defined the future of the MCU, including a glimpse of his screen test that demonstrates why everyone felt he was clearly the only choice for the role after all.So I'll avoid repeating myself in that regard, and just assess the quality of the transfer for home viewing and the extra features. Let me assure you, if you don't already have a television suited for 4K and Dolby Vision, you should get one as soon as possible.There is no comparison between a regular viewing experience and what you get from 4K and Dolby Vision.More than 40% of those pre-sales have been orders for the 4K UHD version, and pre-sales totals are the highest in history according to Fandango.hit nearly 0 million in domestic Blu-ray and DVD sales alone, not including rentals or digital, and also excluding all international sales and rentals.

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