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Shishio Makoto (志々雄 真実) is the primary antagonist of the Kyoto arc and a former Ishin Shishi hitokiri known within the ranks as the Battōsai's successor.

But after his "comrades" in the government attempted and failed to assassinate him, Shishio Makoto spent the next decade slowly amassing power and developing an anti-government militia headed by his own private group of elite warriors - the Juppongatana. Before his attempted execution, Shishio had black eyebrows, black slicked back hair ending in a high ponytail, and a fair complexion.

The Thunder Brothers (雷獣兄弟, らいじゅうきょうだい, "Raijū Kyōdai"), also known as the Thunder Beast Brothers, were two demon brothers, named Hiten and Manten.

They and their sister Sōten were the last surviving members of the Thunder Demon Tribe.

Prosecutors say Lakhani will still be allowed to practice at his ophthalmology clinic in Bardonia when he gets out of jail.

Lakhani's attorney says his client will only serve 20 days of the 30-day sentence.

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Over his bandages, he wears a robe, which varies from indigo to purple depending on lighting.

He was also able to form bonds to a degree with Sōjirō and Hōji.

Despite this, he still sees them as means to an end.

They killed Shippō's father to obtain a shard of the Shikon no Tama.

Manten made himself a sash with Shippō's father's hide (a belt to remember killing the father).

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