Holistic health dating

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When you decide to become a holistic health practitioner, you get to choose exactly what kind of healer you want to be.

You can focus your education on a particular healing modality or become a generalist and build a broad inventory of knowledge.

In this peer to peer podcast, here is what we cover: Nearly 1 in 4 men under the age of 30 suffer from erectile dysfunction and the rates are much higher when we look at the entire lifespan of a man.

Most men choose to take Viagra to deal with this problem.

Keith is on a mission to empower therapists to achieve their highest potential.

He believes that mental health professionals are catalysts for positive social change and key influencers in uplifting consciousness and alleviating unnecessary suffering.

Keith and I discuss the key areas that typically need to be addressed in order to resolve the underlying causes of ED. The blue pill would allow him to remain in the fabricated reality of the Matrix, therefore living the “ignorance of illusion”, while the red pill would lead to his escape from the Matrix and into the real world, therefore living the “truth of reality.” Here I will highlight three cases in which the men took the “blue pill” but ultimately it was the “red pill” that turned out to be the appropriate choice.Not everyone may need or want to…It has been found that incorporating a 10-15 minute nap into your afternoon schedule can improve your overall focus and productivity, thus leading to greater happiness and success.An afternoon nap gives one a chance to unplug from the demands…However, consuming foods high in fiber can do a lot more than keep us “regular.” Incorporating plenty of fiber into our diets can lower the risk…Fitness technology has become increasingly popular.Wearable technology has evolved from simple pedometers and wrist watches to devices that connect to the internet or your smartphone for long-term tracking of your fitness data.

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