Hook up free with aunty

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Over the next few days I had pretty much the same routine, beating off in pairs of mom’s used underwear, and occasionally the smell and taste of her sweet pussy would be very much still in them.

My sister was off at college, she is two years older than my 18 years.

My mother Linda has black shoulder length hair, she’s about 5’4” tall.

There was still a faint scent of pussy on them and my dick twitched.I tried to rinse them but it was obvious what it was.I buried them deep in the hamper and went about the rest of my day, with the image of my mom’s hot ass in a pair of those silk panties.I read on and felt my dick start to stiffen as the stories described guys stealing their sister’s panties and beating off with them.After about three stories, my cock was almost at full mast and I went to the bathroom to do some snooping.

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