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I, a naked girl, had walked in on my roommate, also naked, doing doggy-style with another one of the students on the ship, “I hooked up with Mark*, another American in my program my first month in France.

I thought it went well, but he got a little distant after.

I blocked him.”“I was on the beach in Cinque Terre, Italy around 2 a.m.

I was with a guy I’d been hooking up with, watching the stars.

If you, too, love to hear every juicy detail of a wild hookup, read along and enjoy as real college students and recent grads share their stories.“When I was in Spain, my friend and I stayed at a hostel owned and run by the cutest British guys.

We obviously were obsessed with them, their accents, and their dreamy lives in Spain running a hostel with their best friends.

Honestly, I did it for the bed more so than the hookup. I knew he lived near my host family, which was a really expensive and nice area.

I decided to leave, and the next day he texted me and told me that he rented a hotel for two hours for me to meet him at.The next day, I couldn’t understand why my best friend was acting so weird.Turns out [she] and Mark started seeing each other right after [he] and I hooked up.I don’t know about you but I love myself an epic hookup story. Whether it’s about the time you accidentally farted mid-orgasm or that time you and that guy who very well could’ve been your soulmate made sweet love under the stars, I’m all ears.Oh, and, if the story happened to take place abroad, sign me up times a thousand because, well, every story is better when it takes place whilst traveling.

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