How to go from dating to serious relationship

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If you’re feeling confused, the following questions might help you think things over.The lines between these early stages of a relationship are often blurred. Going on a couple of dates with someone is not the same as dating that person.Whilst we have said that messaging is no substitute for talking in person, if the gaps between dates are long, the bond you can build through it is still significant.So, if you are only able to see each other once a week, regular messages flowing back and forth can create an emotional connection.…but eventually, you’ll decide that there is one person you want to make a more serious effort with.

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Really, someone’s ‘readiness’ for a relationship can be defined by so many things, but at it’s heart, it’s really a question of whether it’s something that you actually want and something you’re prepared to work for.Before we explore the realms of exclusive and official relationships, it’s worth taking a breath and discussing some of the more subtle points.Firstly, the actual number of dates you go on is perhaps less relevant than the total amount of time you have spent together.For some people, this is the same as making a relationship official.They see this commitment as enough to say the two of you are in a relationship.

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