How to keep a friendship after dating

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It is here that you realize just how important, or not important, a person is to your life.From what I have seen, the best marriages and relationships all have something in common: a couple came to a realization that they did not want to go through their life without the other.

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It’s a recipe for disaster and unless that individual is willing to put aside their desire to date, and put aside their hope that the other person will come around, the friendship will end.

I have found that when a person says “let’s just be friends” and means it, what they are really saying is “I care about you and like you as a person, but I am not interested in you romantically”.

The problem, however, is that the person on the receiving end, may still have romantic interests and intentions and by staying friends, they may not let go so easily.

There is always some hurt involved with a break up, but if neither person has really hurt the other, friendship can still continue. So what exactly does friendship look like after dating? I certainly think friendship can still work and be perfectly normal as long as those three things apply, but it is not always that simple, especially for the person who was on the receiving end of a break up.

However, if the break up was a result of lying, cheating, stealing, using, etc; forget it. It is not easy to just turn off feelings that were created during the dating process and then then move on, especially if you are still spending a great deal of time together.

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