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– Follow @Eeta Cheeta Bix I love you, but we cannot be.I love the way your blue eyes twinkle with emotion, and the freckles of your nose dance as you wrinkle it in delight at the sight of me.We could live in their country, eat their food, ride their trains and occupy positions in their companies, but we remained apart from them, lest we be tempted by their sinful lifestyle and carefree ways. I did not go for sleepovers with my friends, as their parents, however friendly, could not be trusted.As I grew up, I could no longer wear shorts or dresses on hot summer days.Archeeta Pujari is a 23-year-old Investment Banker.Cooking, painting, writing and Harry Potter are the great loves of her life!

For I am an Indian girl, and this is the burden I have been raised to bear.I was taught to cover up and not draw attention to myself.When I was 10, and the topic of my conversations among friends began to veer away from TV shows and made-up games towards boys for the first time, I was withdrawn from sex education at school.Unlike you, he will never make me suffer the indignity of living as a divorced woman, with the freedom to live independently, travel the world or seek the love of another man. Your face broke into a smile of delight when I whispered the news to you in tremulous tones.You said that we would raise him together, love him unconditionally till our dying day. The penalty for illicit love like our’s is severe, possibly even death, for there is no greater shame than this. I am not like you, free to live and love as I please.

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