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All attendees must have attended an On Speed Dating event in the past and had a minimum 25% match rate.The On Speed Dating team often screens participants to ensure they fit the theme and portray themselves accurately.Today we had four lovely ladies come to the studio and meet our friend Chuy Del La Playa.He spent three minutes (nervously) talking with each of them and then chose a lucky woman to take out on the town.Amber is 5’9″ and has always been attracted to tall men, so it was the perfect fit right from the start.A midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve a few weeks later sealed the deal.Sometimes that means checking heights or dress sizes at the door.

Amber Soletti didn’t get into the dating industry with any altruistic dreams or world-changing ambitions — she just wanted to find a quality date.

Six months later, the couple moved to Austin (Amber’s hometown) and launched On Speed Dating events in the capital city of Texas.

“We finally tied the knot on April Fools of this year, and on June 22nd we brought what will be our our first and only baby into the world,” she said. I am 42, so it just goes to show that it can happen for women at any age.” On Speed Dating has positioned itself as a quality-first dating solution for professional, city-dwelling singles who know exactly what they want.

Over the last decade, On Speed Dating has collected hundred of success stories, but the best success story comes from Amber herself.

The company’s founder was at a Size Matters speed dating event in 2012 when she started chatting up a guy who was 6’6″.

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