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Or if you have a female friend right now, and you want to bang her or make her your girlfriend, just use 4 of the 6 secrets and SHE will be the one to make a move on YOU.

This bonus module shows you how to easily and massively improve your appearance, without having to lose weight, go to the gym, or spend a bunch of money on fancy clothes.

Every time you interact with a woman…or even glance at her across a crowded room…there are body language signals being sent back and forth.

Here, you’ll learn how to quickly master the art of non-verbal communication.

You’ll learn subtle (but extremely powerful) “tweaks” you can make to your appearance and style to make women instantly notice you, and find you handsome.

This copy-and-paste method makes hooking up with girls online even easier than ordering a pizza.

This is a complete arsenal of fun, sexy hypothetical questions you can ask during your conversations…To spark any woman’s imagination and connect with her on a deeper emotional level.

It will give you the power to control a woman’s mind – so be ready!

Step 2: “The Conversation Commando” Video Presentations This bonus consists of three videos that give you a full arsenal of conversational strategies to use with women.

Never again will you be “tongue tied” or struggle to figure out “what to say.”Soak up these lessons, and from now on you’ll to into every conversation with a rock-solid game plan for success.

This is the foundation you must possess in order to attract more beautiful women into your life.

In this module you’ll also find videos from some of the world’s top pickup artists, including Jon Sinn and Adam Lyons, an instructor with the international group of dating gurus known as PUA Training. Module 2 – Stepping Up Your Game To The NEXT LEVELNext, it’s time for you to learn how to get the “Bad Boy Edge” with women…Take a close look at guys who have awesome social lives and get laid as much as they want, and you’ll see the “X Factor” that makes them so successful is the edgy side of their personality when they deal with women.

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