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I think there are two villains here: (1) Physicists, who are (rightly) desperate to explain to the world the extraordinary, fascinating, and profound implications of quantum mechanics.But they are afraid of intimidating an audience that gags at the sight of an equation; they want to convey the excitement without the substance.Quantum physicist John Polkinghorne later became an Anglican priest and author of books trying to synthesize science and the supernatural claims of Christianity.However, Polkinghorne mainly employs the standard apologetic arguments from the anthropic principle and Isaac Newton's claim that the laws of physics require a lawgiver and a creation requires a creator.This results in such foolishness as the Law of Attraction or quantum healing.Some have turned quantum woo into a career, such as Deepak Chopra, who often presents ill-defined concepts of quantum physics as proof for God and other magical thinking.The author of the first of these two, Fritjof Capra, has worked professionally as a physicist, but Zukav has virtually no formal training in the field.

There is some literature exploring the intersection of quantum physics and religion which falls short of making such grandiose claims.So they resort to forced similes and grossly misleading metaphors (quantum tunneling means you can walk through walls—somehow it never works when I try it).(2) Non-physicists who are intrigued by words like “uncertainty” and “indeterminacy,” but are too lazy to do the serious work it takes to understand them.It should also be noted that Eastern religions do not have a single monolithic underlying philosophy, but that each one is divided into multiple schools of thought in ways not acknowledged by the sweeping generalizations about "Eastern religion" in Capra's book.It may be true that both quantum physics and Eastern religion view the universe as "a dynamic interconnected unity", but that does not mean that the details are the same.

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