Intj men and dating thailand dating and marraiage

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As a result, when an INFJ and INTJ meet they can easily feel like it’s the first time anyone has truly understood them.

Both INFJs and INTJs have Introverted i Ntuition or “Perspectives” as their dominant mental process, which makes them brilliant, but also makes them quirky outliers who often don’t fit in.

This mental process, which I liken to metacognition, is what allows human beings to step back and take a bird’s-eye view of the world, including how other people think.

together, they find it easy to see past each other’s differences and identify underlying similarities.

While each INFJ/INTJ couple is unique, here are some of the differences I see come up most often: .

INFJs tend to see the personal side of any topic and don’t enjoy discussions that ignore this side.

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