Invalidating a us patent

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By some accounts, the Patent Office only allocates on average about 12 hours per prosecution case for the Patent Examiner to conduct prior art searches. The patent invalidity search is generally wide-ranging and extensive because an entire patent infringement lawsuit may depend on it.

Patent examiners have limited time and resources to conduct their prior art searches.Our prior art search to establish validity or invalidity will cover both patent and non-patent literature for relevant art prior to the date of invention. We have been conducting invalidity searches for 20 years and we will be relentless in striving to find the invalidating reference that you need.The Honorable Thomas Massie (R-KY), United States Representative The Honorable Kenneth Blackwell, former Secretary of State of Ohio Adam Mossof, Intellectual Property expert Gene Dolgoff, Inventor Tom Pierson, Inventor Luke Livingston, Director Jo Anne Livingston, Producer Dr.For example, in the mechanical and electrical hardware arts, patens tend to provide extensive coverage, whereas practitioners in the fields of computer science, medicine, and biotechnology tend to publish more frequently in journals. We do not stop at database searching when we take on an invalidity search.For a typical patentability search, the search may skip non-patent literature, whereas for validity searches with a great deal of money at stake, the search should encompass all sources of prior art. Given the time and budget, our prior art search will dig up old product brochures or out-of-date products, locate peers of inventive entities, investigate trade show disclosures from a decade ago, or do whatever else it takes to invalidate a patent.

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