Invalidating environment borderline personality disorder

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The child learns to express his emotions in an extreme way, or completely inhibits or disinhibits them, as this dysfunctional expression grows.People with borderline personality disorder are very sensitive to external experiences because they are afraid of abandonment.I didn’t have the proper insurance to cover any kind of one-on-one therapy.When I said I couldn’t, he signed my papers and said I should go see a social worker at the clinic closest to me, who would then refer me to other options better for my financial situation. I did everything possible since then to help with my diagnosis, but I wish things had been different.For example, if the child cries, instead of attending to them or trying to find out what is wrong, the parents tell him he’s a “crybaby”.

Emotional vulnerability is defined as hypersensitivity to any emotion, regardless of its value (positive, negative or neutral).One factor that gives people with (and without) BPD trouble regulating emotions is the family context they grew up in.Normally, therapy reveals that families have not validated the emotional needs of their children.This hypersensitivity often results in a very intense and variable response by a person with BPD.Such intensity produces an imbalance, so then people with BPD have a hard time recovering it.

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