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Unfortunately, this freedom is rarely afforded to female athletes.With a brief glimpse at the earnings, someone could easily see the inequity between male and female sports stars. Women’s National Soccer Team contributed over million in revenue, yet the male team brought in less than million. citizen women made only the 4 out of 5 percent of male citizen’s earnings. According to Wambach, one of the reasons is gratitude, which she felt at the ESPYS stage that evening.In the light of her own and her pioneers’ success in their careers has arisen from their refusal to do what society imposes them to do, or stay on the same designated path, she now believes that all women should make an effort to be like the wolf in the story – strong, brave, and always hungry for more.After Wambach retired from the professional soccer in 2015, ESPN conferred her in the ESPYS show with an Icon Award.For example, she dated boys when she was a teenager. However, she was not sure about what she was going through while dating boys.During high school, she realized that she was homosexual.She got mad about the things that happened in the evening.The reason why she got mad was that she had shared the stage with Kobe Bryant and Peyton Manning who are also retiring athletes receiving Icon Awards.

Towards the end of high school, she saw a girl and fell in love. It was the first time that she went off course and was against the tide.

In wolf packs, every member supports and give confidence to each other to achieve their goals and show others what they can do when they are together.

Society always imposes the idea that if a girl disobeys, she pays a heavy price for the behavior.

In fact, if it weren’t for the pioneer female soccer players that played before her, Wambach’s amazing sporting career couldn’t have happened.

Because the pioneers refused to accept the idea that soccer is a man’s sport.

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