Is audrina patridge still dating corey 2016

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This iconic on-again-off-again romance is one for the reality TV history books, and given that Justin Bobby's only real tie to the show was his relationship with Audrina, it's only natural to wonder if there's something going on between the two of them now.But first: is Audrina Patridge dating anyone in 2019?In fact, a source told was filming that they were "friends" and "not back together." But then again, that would have been when Cabrera was still in the picture, so who's to say if things stay quite that platonic.The trailer certainly hints that they might get back together in some way, but stops short of giving any real information.At one point, Audrina was granted a restraining order that ordered Bohan to stay 100 feet away from her and their daughter, another article reports.

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See what else celebs were up to during Grammys Weekend.If they do, viewers will certainly be ready to jump back into this relationship that always made for dramatic TV, but who knows where it will lead.As Justin Bobby always says, truth and time tells all.And in addition to that, everyone is simply a little older and (hopefully) a little wiser.They might not be ready to make the same mistakes again.

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