Is cassie dating ryan leslie

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this month that "the decision was amicable and they remain friends."In response to rumors that Diddy was already dating again, model Jocelyn Chew having been spotlighted as the possible new woman in his life, last season and is said to be focusing on her music and acting right now—added a little fuel to the post-split fire when she posted a grab saying "F--K THESE HOES" on Instagram Story Sunday night—but really, that could have been about any number of things.The duo first met in 2006, after Diddy heard Cassie's single "Me & U," which she had originally put out on My Space, in a club and asked producer Ryan Leslie, who was working with her at the time, to produce her debut album for his Bad Boy Records., Diddy threw his support behind the 19-year-old, calling her appearances "all right.""You could hear the nervousness in her voice," the veteran rapper and producer told MTV News.

Diddy grabbed Cassie's phone before he got out of the car, and she had the driver leave without him. It's always up and down."The insider added, "They are taking another break now.But by the time she talked to there was "no ill feeling or 'I can't stand you, I hate you, don't call.' There's none of that.We have three children together so that's just not an option."And to be honest, I kind of smiled at it, because it made me really appreciate what I really love about her: She's a regular person. I told her it's like riding a bike: You're gonna fall down, you got to keep on getting on it.I'm with her through her development, and I have no questioning on her ability, on her singing ability.

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