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She also has a small part in an episode of Standoff.From there she proceeded to more significant roles.She appeared in the series Watch Over Me where she portrayed the controversial character of 'Caitlin Porter'.In 2006, she had her first lead role in the horror film Rest Stop where she portrayed 'Nicole Carrow', a girl who escapes from home and goes on a trip with her boyfriend, which is unexpectedly interrupted at a rest stop by a deranged serial killer. Jaimie has been dating a Canadian musician for some time now. She is best known for portraying Jessi on the She also appeared in a Matthew Perryman Jones music video of the song "Save You" released in September In Alexander began dating actor Peter Facinelli in after they met on the set of Loosies.Inshe had her second lead role, also in a horror film.In both movies, her character is a strong character who fights back against her aggressors.Her most famous role so far was that of 'Jessi' on the ABC Family television show Kyle XY.

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They were engaged for a brief time between March 2015 and February 2016.

Sheesh, don't you people ever read questions from other people?

there must be like a million versions of this question out there.

In the series Alexander portrayed Han Solo in battle against Indiana Jones for the title of best Harrison Ford character.

In 2011, Alexander reunited with writer/director Gregg Bishop for The Birds of Anger for NBCUniversal G4Films.

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