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Some issuers require you to file a dispute in writing, but the easiest way to start the process is to call the customer service number on the back of your credit card.With Capital One, for instance, no form is required — a phone call will suffice.In most cases, drastic measures won’t be necessary.In fact, you’ll probably hear about a fraudulent use of your card from the issuer before you even notice it. “They’re monitoring accounts and trying to figure out if something is an atypical transaction for you, but everything’s open to the weird, ‘black swan’ exception.“If the issue isn’t resolved with the merchant, then the customer should call us and file a dispute,” says Amanda Landers, spokeswoman at Capital One. Emails to the seller, ads for the item in question or proof that it was returned are all helpful forms of evidence.

For disputes beyond 120 days, they offer a phone number.

Before you call, you might also want to check your records for any rights you may have unintentionally signed away.

For example, if you’re disputing work done on your home, check the contract you signed.

“I would say get your complaint in as fast as possible,” says Sherry.

That said, if you do only notice a billing error after a few months, you may have some leeway.

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