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I could not help but notice that he sat very tall in the saddle and was wearing a different kind of hat that is rarely seen in my country. He smiled and asked me in broken Spanish where the road leads to.I chuckled for I knew he was a foreign guy and needed help. I learned that he and his wife had rented an efficiency apartment in a nearby town.He lives in a distant town and never have I seen anyone in this expansive forest.As I was traversing across the ridge I met a rider coming up a road that leads down to the village.Now, I have this guy behind me and what if I was without clothes.Deep into the forest we came to my most favorite spot in the world.He sternly shoves her up against the wall and informs her of all her rights while his cock gets hard in his pants.

I could not help but become mesmerized by his sparkling green eyes.His wife liked relaxing around the pool while he sought out more exciting adventures.I must admit that the motion of my clit on the saddle and the interesting stranger by my side was really turning me on.The latter was my choice for I like being independent and devoting this point of my life to my Son and his seven year old brother who lives with us. I was surprised to discover that I was pregnant as possibly some of my fans also will be.It is interesting that my estranged husbands girlfriend is six months pregnant. This strange happening occurred during the first part of last November.

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