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There had been a previous judge’s expert—not for either side—to evaluate things from a psychiatric viewpoint, who’s a good friend of mine.When they initially contacted me, I didn’t [have] any preconceived notions.And the legal question of insanity involves mental conditions, but equate psychiatric diagnosis with lack of responsibility.So your interviews with Holmes weren’t to find out whether or not he did it? Ethical forensic professionals, in this case, a psychiatrist, are not so-called hired guns—or as one book title put it, ‘whores of the court’—to sway a jury one way or another.

At the time, the incident produced the largest number of casualties from one shooting on American soil. Reid spent months reviewing more than 80,000 pages of documentation about the case, in addition to participating in nine interviews with Holmes.Good and ethical forensic professionals, psychiatrists and psychologists, are not advocates for either side.We try hard to see what the truth is, what the real facts are.They were interested in a psychiatric consultation [of Holmes] for the judge. I would not want to say it’s up my alley and it’s what I do all the time. Most people like me work, to some extent, with cases involving violent criminality—whether or not there’s a psychiatric aspect to them. Did you go into the situation with any preconceived notions about Holmes?I really think I was pretty darned open-minded as I went in.

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