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We did seven or eight live takes of each song, picked the best and worked around that.

We just made sure the vibe was good, and then whatever you put on top is going to sound great." The song Up is another duet with "hit" written all over it.

He has sold out arena tours, gigged coast-to-coast in America as well as in Australia, Japan and across Europe; he has performed on Jimmy Kimmel's and Jay Leno's TV shows in the States; sung in front of tens of thousands at London's Hyde Park supporting both Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder; appeared on Herbie Hancock's Grammy-winning album The Imagination Project singing a widely acclaimed cover of Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come; he has been voted Best Male at the 2007 Brit Awards; and at just 21 was the biggest-selling British male solo artist the year his debut album, Undiscovered, came out.

Everything was new then co-writing songs, recording professionally, adjusting to being in the public eye.

In many ways this feels like my first proper album." Practice shots they may have been, but those first two albums Undiscovered (2006) and Songs for You, Truths for Me (2008) have sold a combined total of 4.5m copies and yielded an astonishing ten singles, including You Give Me Something, Wonderful World, The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore and the global smash Broken Strings, featuring Nelly Furtado.

Those practice shots turned Morrison into an international star.

"To me, pop music is just great music that lasts for years," he says.

"This time I wasn't worrying about success at all, and that's why it was really enjoyable.

I didn't feel I had to go for the big, loud notes all the time I just sat back and sang how I felt and it all just came flooding out." The Awakening is a warm, live-sounding collection of classic but contemporary folk-soul songs.

I was like, you're a Ferrari, Jessie, you're in fifth gear take it down to third.

In the end it worked amazingly: she sang the chorus the way I should've sung it!

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    “It’s based on the years I was married and living in the [Los Angeles’ San Fernando] Valley, having the house and the wife and the cats and a glorious time,” Pigeon John says. “Some of the songs were almost a diary of things that were about to happen to me,” he continues. “Hip Hop is still beautiful and young and sharp and funny and disrespectful,” John says.

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    This figure rose to 78% through the fifth grade, as measured by co-nomination as friends, and 55% had a mutual best friend.