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In the Ghana job scam, fraudsters approach the victims offering a job that perfectly suits their profile.

The victims are asked to send their resumes along with their bank information.

Online classifieds are alert messages sent through various mediums about a product, service or an offer with a URL.

Out of curiosity, users tend to click on the link and enter information about them.

Example: Scammers from Ghana are very proficient in online classifieds scam.

This has become another common medium to persuade users to click on a link and influence them to enter information about themselves.

Another type of scam that is trending in the list of Ghana scam is the "job scam".

They often have multiple scams going around at the same time; it is how they run their business.

Several documents on internet fraud, dating scam, inheritance scam and other types of scam existing in Ghana are listed.

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