John meyer dating

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While some tabloids want the two to get back together, it doesn’t look all that likely right now.

Whatever happened in their past though, it would appear that these two exes are on good terms.

The singer enjoyed his time as a bachelor, but it came at a cost as he sometimes said too much. Have you subscribed to Group Chat, Pop's official reality tv podcast yet? Listen as the the Group Chat crew locks in Episode 2 talking about 'Bachelor' frontrunners, some serious 'Teen Mom 2', Javi drama, the VMAs and how amazing Missy Elliot is, and some awesome 'RHOBH' news!

, he got very personal with fans about the nature of their romance. Don't miss an episode and join in on the conversation with #Group Chat.

He is a seven-time Grammy Award winner, who has been nominated total of 19 times.

Telling the mag that he "didn't have a cool enough thought" about the compliment, he said: "I've hacked this game. She allegedly later wrote break-up anthem Dear John about their relationship - and the pair have remained less than amicable ever since.In fact, they ran into each other recently, while Perry was on a date with her current boyfriend, Orlando Bloom. Whether of not this relationship resulted in Swift‘s song, “Dear John,” or not, Mayer and Swift’s romance was arguably his biggest tabloid relationship to date.They only dated from 2009 to 2010, which is the usual average amount of time he spends in a relationship, as you can see from this article.JOHN Mayer has appeared to take a veiled swipe at ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift in a new Rolling Stone interview.The crooner, who has had a string of famous lovers, made the hint as he was being quizzed about his romantic past and thoughts about ex-girlfriend Katy Perry ranking him the best she's had in bed.

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