Jon favreau dating

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And Royal Crown Review was the house band at the time.

Song: Django Reinhard’s “Honeysuckle Rose” and “Sweet Georgia Brown” Anne Litt: Jon, you've selected a medley by Louie Prima. Jon Favreau: Well, as I go to know the music better, as I was selecting music for the movie and got to know the music by dancing to it.You know, Jon, you have five picks of music to bring in, and I notice that two of those picks were the music of Django Reinhardt. Jon Favreau: I don't know how I was introduced to Django but, to me, it crystallized everything I loved about all the music I've listed.And it's a little obscure, it was pre-war, he was a gypsy guitar player.Song: Frank Sinatra’s "It Happened in Monterey" Anne Litt: Jon, how did the music for Swingers come together?Jon Favreau: As I was hanging out in clubs at night and writing, I said ‘what a great backdrop.’ And I went to, well there was, of course, The Dresden with Marty and Elaine we put in the movie and there was The Derby.

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