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Her performance parses every nuance in the writer’s trajectory of decline—from embarrassment to bewilderment, from terror to loss, from nonentity to a final connection with an enduring life force, where, in the shuffle of dementia, Murdoch somehow finds a dance.Dench is not much of a reader, but she has read most of Murdoch’s novels, and before filming she went so far as to sit outside Bayley’s house while he was away to absorb the shambolic atmosphere of the place. I mean, Except for time out to have a child and to nurse her husband of thirty years, the actor Michael Williams, who died last January of lung cancer, Dench has been performing almost constantly for four and a half decades. C., and the Royal National Theatre, she has turned in some of the greatest classical performances in recent memory.“There’s a wonderful abandonment you feel in water,” Dench says. Sir Richard Eyre, the director and co-author of “Iris,” says that while writing the screenplay he tried to instill his sense of Dench into the character of Iris.“There was never a question of how do you bring Iris and Judi Dench together,” he says.

“ ‘Is it because I didn’t take my script home with me?

“It’s entirely a roll of the dice, but it has to do with friends, with people I love and admire,” she explained several weeks before rehearsals of “The Royal Family” began.

“So if Peter rings me up and says, ‘You ought to do this play,’ I say, ‘Sure.’ I swear before God I have not read the play.”Dench’s risk-taking onstage is in inverse proportion to her vulnerability off it. ” Recently when Trevor Nunn offered her a role at the National, she replied, “I want to come back to the National, but not in that part. ”Dench’s derring-do also seems necessary to keep her nearly perpetual routine of rehearsal and performance a fresh and vigorous challenge.

They float freely but are always in contact, dodging among the rocks and weeds in joyful, directionless exploration.

Water was Iris Murdoch’s primal habitat; by no accident, it is also the favorite element of the woman who plays her here, Judi Dench. You’re just floating around there and trusting that you’re going to come up to the surface.”This is not the only point of intersection between the two women: the adventure of the unknown, the salvation of the imagination, the promotion of happiness, and a lifelong inquiry into goodness are all themes in the elusive lives of both Murdoch and Dench.

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