Julian dating for manufactoring

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We refer to a yyddd date format (yy = year, ddd=day) as a 'Julian Date' - this is the common term for such a date in mainframe and other circles.However technically, a Julian date can mean different things.The rubber on a car tire degrades over time, and tire warranties can be tied to manufacturing dates.Every tire sold in the United States has a date code stamped on it. If the last two digits are 07, for example, the tire was manufactured in 2007.

The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory introduced the 'Modified Julian Date' to record the orbit of the Sputnik satellite in 18 bits.A Julian date is sometimes used to refer to a date format that is a combination of the current year and the number of days since the beginning of the year.For example, January 1, 2007 is represented as 2007001 and December 31, 2007 is represented as 2007365.That became the basis for the first Maze LP..." A major turning point in the transition from Raw Soul to Maze occurred after Marvin Gaye's sister in law caught one of the band's performances.Tata Motors, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Mahindra, Honda and Skoda share the same month codes and year codes.

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