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At one point in “Before Midnight,” Jesse talks about feeling depressed when he sees their daughters fighting. “That’s because you see anger as a positive emotion,” he tells her.Delpy has always been similarly fearless about expressing herself and her ideas. What matters is I do it.” As for Celine, “she is very flawed, which is appealing to other women who are strong.Julie Delpy has many funny lines in the new film “Before Midnight,” but the funniest one — in which she mockingly runs through her boyfriend’s lackluster sexual routine, a line that starts with “Kissy, kissy” and ends with the sound of snoring and is otherwise far too graphic to repeat here — is delivered with such vigorous crudeness that I couldn’t resist asking her to recite it for me in person. ”“Before Midnight” is the third film in a trilogy directed by Richard Linklater, which began with “Before Sunrise” in 1995.Which she did, over and over, despite the fact that we were surrounded by fellow diners at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. You like to have sex the exact same way every time” — “Kissy, kissy,” sound of snoring, et cetera — “You’re no Henry Miller on any level.”In the movie, it’s a moment of breathtaking nastiness. In that film, the young American Jesse meets the French Celine on a train, and in the second film, “Before Sunset,” they are reunited in Paris after nine years.Luckily for Delpy, though, her own relationship with her real-life son isn't nearly as chaotic.But maybe that's because he's a 6-year-old atheist.Link: Watch Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke Break the Fourth Wall in Our Latest “No Talking” PSA! How many times can you say you've seen a cleverly written trilogy with a dialogue-rich story?

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They are in their early 20s, and the balance between cynicism and hopefulness clearly tips in favor of the latter.“We want to give the impression that we’ve just turned on a camera and they riff, but I can’t think of one line that was not in the script.They’re acting, and it’s the most difficult thing an actor can do, to appear so natural.”Still, Delpy and Celine share certain qualities — a raunchy sense of humor, a rather prim way of dressing (call it Bohemian schoolteacher), an unyielding feminism and fierce advocacy for their beliefs — that can be exhilarating or alienating, depending on your point of view.Each time she repeated it, her enjoyment increased considerably. ” she said finally, adding that she actually prefers the line that follows it. In real life, Delpy clapped her hands together and laughed. In the new film, nine more years have passed, and Jesse and Celine are a couple with twin girls.In the scene, her character, Celine, is fighting with her novelist boyfriend, Jesse (played by Ethan Hawke), and she is moving in for the kill. If you’ve ever wondered what a film codirected by Woody Allen and Ingmar Bergman might look like — “Scenes From a Marriage” by way of “Annie Hall” — “Before Midnight” is about as close as you will get. — and what fame she has here is thanks mostly to Linklater’s trilogy.

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