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Well I have to be honest I am from the UK and was scammed out of my renewal for a three month period, I followed instructions to turn OFF the auto renew, left the site for a while ( a few months ) then logged back in only to be billed for another 3 months without my permission, tried to get my money back via paypal but was unsuccessful, the site said " I had renewed myself " hmmm , so I have now blocked any further payments trying to be withdrawn at paypal and my bank, anyway one month in and now my profile has been suspended by admin asking for my location and Identification eg...

You see what you pay for, you can cancel any time, there are no hidden paid features. In addition, Our fraud prevention team works 24/7 to remove non-genuine profiles. We have zero-tolerance towards members of the nature you described. Auf dieser Seite sind wirklich unglaublich viele Betrüger und E-Mail-Sammler unterwegs. Ich habe das gemeldet, doch die Fotos tauchen immer wieder auf. Hello Sebastian, We apologize for your unwelcoming experience.I have had experiences where I have developed actual relationships with women who eventually Even if youmeet some one and get a K-1 visa and they come to the U.S you will have to get married in 3 months which to me is not musch time to really get to know some one.

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