Kitsap peninsula dating

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Join up in some hiking / kayaking / photo / nature / dance / activities, or even 'finance' or computer classes.

Interesting people are often 'learners' Bunco is a good lead, check for local groups and tournaments, or other similar things. I'd be checking the local bulletin boards and attending gardening / cooking / crafting / historical society / travel groups / meetings just to check them out.

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You'll do fine, but stretch your ideas and stick fast to your values.

View the PMYC annual sailing school in late June where 50 to 75 kids and young adults sail their Opti's and Lasers in a dance of tacking and gybing to the delight of all who watch. Finally all of these views, and I'm sure i've forgotten to mention several more, are available to see from 3 decks and 2 patio's as well as through the large windows of our home.

View Eagles that perch right above our pergola patio at waters edge. When you're through "viewing" take a spin on our two (large and medium) full suspension mountain bikes and enjoy the local Port Madison trails.

For church, I'd forget the regular meetings and singles groups, and get involved with a home fellowship, or Sunday school class, where you can actually develop a relationship, rather than 'shake-a-hand'.

Our 'mixed-age' home fellowship groups have been the source of many great friends, and they often have great friends to expand your network in a safe fashion.

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