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You can verify your driving license to become a Certified Harley Rider and show others you are serious for dating local bikers.Not sure how long the channel update is supposed to take but I gave it 30 minutes this morning on the drive to work and its still stuck on Updating.

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Called BMW customer service and they referred me to Sirius.

A couple of days ago I signed up for 3 online dating sites (one of which is supposed to be an elite dating site exclusive to single professionals).

I chose Caucasian as the ethnic background of my potential date.

I've also noticed that some sheboons niggers will put Caucasian for ethnicity so they will still pop up, in a search for possible matches, even if I choose only Caucasian. They had to ruin my online dating experience Then get back at them! I met my wife of of 18 y online, don't let nasty sheboons ruin it for you!

Flat out tell them you're not interested in ugly weave wearing sheboons. "The Negro is a wise and noble race who carries themselves with a quiet dignity", said no one, ever.

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