Larisa oleynik dating joseph gordon levitt signs of dating a con artist

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SMITH [On] his audition tape, he wore a white suit with a black button-down shirt.

He was really dressed up, very John Travolta “Saturday Night Fever.” It was a look that was rumpled and rock, but way more dressed up than anyone else was, which was badass because he could pull that off.

LARISA OLEYNIK I remember being pretty smitten with it right away.

The script was unabashedly feminist and really of the riot grrrl era of the Pacific Northwest.

And although Otis definitely is not as nefarious as Cameron when it comes to setting people up, there are definitely echoes of Cameron paying Patrick to date Kat when Jackson offers to pay Otis to help him win over Maeve.

Otis actually refuses to help, but winds up accidentally helping anyway, which is similar to Cameron accidentally helping the popular jock Joey Donner into winning over Bianca.

So, it was kind of like, how close is this to my high school years? Don’t mention Earth Wind & Fire or give away your age.The problem: Kat has no use for boys; she’s got her sights set on college.Hoping to go out with Bianca, new student Cameron James (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) hatches a convoluted plan to get Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) to date the prickly Kat.has taken the internet by storm, and it is no wonder why young viewers are getting so attached to the new show.The series is all about the son of a sex therapist who opens up his own underground sex clinic at his British high school.

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