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George Arnold, 2015 Toyboy George, 24, and Danniella's relationship didn't last long and after a couple of months she accused him of cheating on her with her best friend.Alan Thomason, 2017 In August 2017, it was announced that Danniella was engaged for a third time to Alan Thomason – but shortly after it was revealed that he was already engaged to someone else.She explained: "So sick of crap dating sites & people who aren’t serious about meeting people." I hear ya sister. go join if your serious about dating #Just Call Me Cupid.” Well Cupid, I turned 30 this summer, so I am serious about dating. Super excited to see the launch on my new dating website Im MB so sick of crap dating sites & people who aren’t serious about meeting people so @jackknowles & opened our own.. Here at Serious uk we have thousands of members just like you, who are looking for fun, friendship, romance and that special long term relationship." Phew!go join if your serious about dating 💋 #Just Call Me Cupid— Danniella Westbrook (@westbrookdanni) August 21, 2018 "Sick of being single? As I signed up the site offered the chance for me to save a generic "introduction" that could be sent out at the click of a button to any profiles that caught my eye.Danniella and Ben married after just eight weeks and fled to Australia to start a new life with her son Kai.Predictably, it didn't end well and they split nine months later.In the interests of streamlining my experience, I opted in and wrote a perky intro: "Hi, I'm Lauren.

Ben Morgan, 1998-1999 After her split with Robert, Danniella quickly found lover again with van driver Ben Morgan.Over the following 24 hours, my phone was overrun with emails from the site. As I scrolled through my now 22-page inbox I realised that the first line of all the messages were similar. I hadn't even seen the profile before but yet I had apparently sent him a message. Surely just a mistake - I clicked on another, and another. While I had been going about my day Serious Dating had been firing off my intro to dozens of men without my permission. I contacted the support team to work out what was going on and was told: "Your introduction message would be sent to members 14 years either side of your own age."Yes I good thanks...", "Yeh, I would love to chat...", "Thanks for asking..." it was like they were continuing a conversation, when I hadn't even started one. "The distance itself would be 200 miles and calculated via the members closest to yourself initially.He had two kids, so had signed up to a single parent dating site, he claimed there were also sites called "Mums date dads" and he suggested there could even be a "sugar daddy" site in the network.He told me he had been approached by a woman in her 50s with one leg who said she had three dates that week but may be able to squeeze him in. I felt like me and Tim/Jim were basically Harry Potter and Dumbledore when they're on that rock and all the zombie creatures are coming out the water to get them and they have to fight them off. Brian Harvey, 1991-1995 Danniella’s first major public relationship came in the form of East 17 frontman, Brian Harvey.

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