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Additionally, POST prescribes firearms training standards for individuals who hold law enforcement positions at the state, parish and municipal levels of government.

Further, the Council establishes minimum requirements for instructors, certifies trainees who successfully complete a basic course of instruction, accredits peace training facilities, approves in-service, specialized and advanced training courses, and encourages the educational advancement of police personnel.

Students must adhere to all standards, rules and regulations established by the accredited training center.

Certification is not awarded to students who are physically unable to complete every aspect of the basic training course.

It shall be left to the discretion of the academy director whether a person who fails to qualify on the POST Qualification Course of Fire will be given another chance.

However, if a second chance is afforded, scores must be averaged in accordance with established POST standards for the basic firearms course.

"Peace Officer" also includes those sheriff deputies whose duties include the care, custody and control of inmates, military police officers within the La.

Military police officers stationed in Louisiana are eligible for certification if they successfully complete a basic training course prescribed for peace officers and pass the POST statewide examination."Government entity" means any board, authority, commission, department, office, division, or agency of the state or any of its local political subdivisions.Under State Law, the Council has been delegated the following powers: All peace officers, as defined in R.POST Firearm certification for Level 2 students is required. This course consists of the core correctional officer curriculum.POST Firearm certification for Level 3 students is not required.

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