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Solve the crime using a newspaper report, evidence and interviews. Diagnostic Mineral Assessment Intro Diagnostic Mineral Assessment - Student Sheet Diagnostic Mineral Assessment - Grid Suitable for A level students, this lecture plan includes a series of questions and exercises, using slides of depositional environments.Aimed at sixth form students, the Anthropocene resource pack presents a selection of evidence and asks pupils to decide for themselves if the Earth has entered the Anthropocene yet and if so, when?The BGS Make-a-Map shows the main rock units with accompanying timecharts and it is possible to create printable maps that highlight specific rock units in colour, or outline maps showing the boundaries of the main rock units to be coloured in by students.

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Preparation Prepare some flashcards‏‎ with pictures of local objects, people or items specific to the country or region you are working in and the name of those items or people.The maps include rock descriptions, choice of topographic base map plus William Smith's historic 1815 geological map and other features.This lesson demonstrates cross-cutting relationships and the age of rocks.Create your own sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous chocolate.Read the lesson plan Download the lesson plan as a pdf By our resident geobaker, Catherine Kenny Download the Silurian Death Assemblage Cupcakes recipe A small group activity using photographs of igneous rocks used for ornamental purposes.

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