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The only really specific stuff floating around out there is that Lakisha Jones plans to sing “I Will Always Love You” (not really a spoiler; she said it in an interview) and that Chris Sligh would like to try a classic hymn. My girl Leslie Hunt, she of smoky voice and warm maple tone, was unjustly given the old heave-ho over far less talented and/or unique singers like Antonella Barba and Haley Scarnato. But do know this — I’m certainly no longer invested in this season.

Was it the scatting, as poor Leslie lamented in her awesome sing-out? Oh, sure, I have a favorite or two, and there are plenty of contestants left in the game I don’t care for, but I won’t be voting for any of them. The answer is none of the above.” So because Taylor can’t be stereotyped into one of five or six preconceived packages (unlike Chris Daughtry and Katharine Mc Phee, who quite easily became the angsty pop-rawker and the sultry pop vixen, respectively), he won’t sell.

But I’m not sure just how low Idol would stoop in putting through a singer who bombed on everything in Hollywood, so I’m going to predict that he’ll come out swinging in the semi-finals and earn his way into the Top 12.

We’ll also be seeing sweet, quiet Melinda Doolittle in the finals, mark my words.

Impress your friends with your John Edward-like cold reading abilities! …That one of the up-until-now “middle of the road” guys has chosen an uptempo song and has been blowing everyone away in rehearsals.

It’s apparently not Brandon Rogers, though, as word on the street is that he will once again fail to bring the “wow factor” this week. …That Sanjaya Malakar continues to do okay, but hasn’t raised his game.

Even if she stumbles in the semi-finals, or turns in subpar performances, I expect the judges to coddle her with “that wasn’t your best performance, but you’ll sail through” sentiments.

It’s also why Elliott, Ace, Bucky Covington and Chris Daughtry jammed with Taylor and Li MBO after all those American Idol concerts — ’cause Taylor is a jackass. Who could sneak out of the shadows a la Elliott and turn out to be a major force to be reckoned with in the months ahead? (And no, I could not fit ALL their pictures here.) Like, so obviously Top 12: Well, let’s start with two of the most obvious: Blake Lewis and Chris Sligh. I don’t think it matters at this stage in the game. Sligh knows that half the battle on this show is winning them over with your personality, and he’s milking that for all it’s worth.

I think he’s got a decent base, even though they lay low.

And it’s possible that people may remember his initial audition and be willing to forgive his missteps in Hollywood.

(I’m hearing that the band actually broke up in December, but still, check them out anyway.) Their music is great, and Leslie’s actually a wonderful songwriter. (Actually, Taylor’s tour, and the fact that he’s playing to packed houses, is quite emphasized.) The article interviews several people, many of whom blame the album’s slow sales on it’s “old” feeling. It links back to the same article, but the context is more positive.

Hopefully, she and her remaining bandmates will be able to put the buzz she’s generated to good use. But this quote, from the program director of a large radio station, is perhaps the most telling: [Program director Barry] James said he HAS an image, “but it’s not one with broad appeal. There’s also another Taylor interview here; seems Taylor’s moving away from his “this album is 100% me” statements and is now emphasizing the compromises he had to make on the album.

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