Liechtenstein dating

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It isn’t Vermont, but add the view below of Vaduz and the Swiss town of Buchs and it would be hard to find a better view of fall colors in Europe.

We descended into a clearing, and there, looming before us, was Vaduz Castle.

We passed a small farm where alpacas and llamas grazed near an odd self-service souvenir shack selling everything from cheese to alpaca wool.

We stopped near the bus stop for a well-deserved beer.After two days of ascending nearly 4,000 feet, my legs felt the first signs of fatigue. Schädler picked me up at the hotel and we drove to Schaan.He and I descended from the forest in Planken, a town of postcard-perfect houses that is, coincidentally, home to Hanni and Andreas Wenzel, the brother and sister skiers who won six of Liechtenstein’s 10 Winter Olympic medals from 1976 to 1984.I asked one of the locals what they do at night, and he said, “Go to Austria.”However quiet it is at night, Vaduz also has the most points of interests of any town in the country.On the main road we walked by the Kunstmuseum, known for its modern and contemporary art, the Postal Museum, National Museum and yellow brick Parliament building.

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