Lisa copeland dating coach

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“I tell my clients not to worry about being rejected.

It’s all part of the process.” If you want to correct your mistakes on your own time and take control of your dating life, Lisa’s workshops (available as a CD series) can be a great starting point.

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She draws from her own experiences with dating and relationships to enlighten mature women feeling at a loss in the modern dating scene.

So dating a man who is relationship material means building a friendship that will last far beyond those initial butterflies.

“Once you know what you’re looking for, you can figure out how to write a profile and how to flirt to get the results you desire,” she said.

“They have access to me 24/7.” By discussing personal issues with a supportive tone, Lisa dives in to help women navigate the dating world.

She can advise her clients on everything from creating an irresistible dating profile to chatting up good men in real life.

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